About Us

Our Food

All of our Raw Pet Food blends are made in-house at our Cobourg store.

We are proud that our products do not include grain, corn, preservatives, additives, colouring or artificial flavours of any kind.

Our meat is Ontario sourced and is always human grade.

We use fresh, seasonal vegetables which change regularly so that your pet is getting variety. At different times of the year we will use kale, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, parsley, broccoli, apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, strawberries and many more.

About Lucy Johnson

Lucy has been designing and producing her own raw pet diet since 2011. Starting with her own dogs, and then pets of friends and family, She has studied and developed the teachings of raw food experts such as Dr Ian Billinghurst from Australia, and Dr Karen Becker from the USA, to provide a unique nutritional diet.

Lucy and her husband Tony (who recently stood down after more than three decades in international education, most recently as President of the Academic Internship Council and Chair of the Global Internship Conference, to take over the company’s finance and business functions), opened RAW101 Cobourg in 2018 andRAW101 Toronto in 2020.