Breeders' Chicken Double Grind

One of our most popular blends for puppies and kittens just starting on raw. Good for adult dogs and cats too.

We double grind this blend so that it is easier to digest for new kittens and puppies or pets that are recovering from surgery or any health ailments. Chicken is a lean high protein, rich in vitamins B3 and B6, phosphorous and selenium. It is a great source of glucosamine and essential amino acids, making it great for building lean muscle tissue and bone health. 

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Breeders' Chicken Double Grind

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Double ground chicken (bone in), ground beef organs (heart, liver, lung, kidney, spleen), ground green beef tripe.

Nutrient Analysis – Per 100g

Calories 169

Protein 17.6%

Fat 10.0%

Moisture 67.5%

Fibre 0.1%

Calcium 0.85%

Phosphorous 0.68%

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