Paws CBD Tincture - 2000mg

Paws CBD Tincture - 2000mg

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All-natural canine wellness tincture infused with 2000mg of hemp-extracted CBD.

*Recommended for Large & Extra-Large Breeds.


Fill dropper with desired dosage, insert directly into dog's mouth or mix into food.

Administer once per day, or as needed.



MCT oil, wild-caught salmon oil, hemp-extracted cannabidiol

Dosage Guide:

30ml bottle contains 2000mg hemp-extracted CBD

  • 1 Drop = 1.66mg CBD

  • Medium (22lbs-35lbs) - 3-6 drops

  • Large (35lbs-80lbs) - 5-10 drops

*Each full dropper contains roughly 40 drops

*Each half dropper contains roughly 20 drops