July's Roaring Blend Of The Month: Tiger

Packed with ground chicken, rabbit, and salmon for strong bones and muscle growth, plus chicken organs, egg yolk, and sea kelp for vitality, coat shine, and thyroid support; Tiger Blend is the ultimate nutritional powerhouse for your pets!

100% All-Natural Raw Ingredients List

Ground Chicken (bone in): Provides lean protein and essential minerals for strong bones.
Rabbit: High in protein, promotes muscle growth and maintenance.
Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, supports heart and skin health.
Chicken Organ (heart, liver, gizzard): Nutrient-dense, boosts overall vitality.
Egg Yolk: Packed with vitamins and healthy fats, enhances coat shine.
Sea Kelp: Natural source of iodine, supports thyroid function.
Terms and Conditions
• Limited time offer: July 1-31, 2024
• No customizations
• Collect points as usual
• Not combinable with: any other promos, specials, or loyalty points

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