Feeding and Safety

Your pet should eat approximately 2-3% of its body weight on a daily basis. For example, if your pet weighs 20 pounds, you should feed him/her about ½ pound of raw pet food a day, split into two meals.

Recommended feeding guide only when on 100% of Raw 101’s raw food program.



Safe handling practices

Always use safe handling practices when feeding any raw meat diet. Thaw in the refrigerator and serve. Do not cook.


Body weight

Puppies should eat 4% to 5% of their body weight.

Adults should eat 2% to 3%.


Feeding preparation

Feeding preparation, most dogs and cats prefer to eat their food thawed or at room temperature. Simply take the food from the freezer a day or two before and place it in your fridge to thaw overnight.

Raw food must be kept frozen

All food prepared by Raw 101 are not cooked. All ingredients come from human food plants/sources and have been inspected by federal and/or provincial agents. The ingredients are either immediately frozen or appropriately chilled and then frozen within 24 hours. All our machinery is regularly washed and disinfected. We do our best to ensure that all our food products are as fresh and free of bacteria as possible. Raw food must be kept frozen in a freezer and maintained at -20 degrees Celsius prior to use or defrosted in a refrigerator that is maintained at -4 degrees Celsius. Always wash your hands after touching any raw meat products. You are responsible for maintaining and protecting the health and quality of food supplied by Raw 101 after it leaves our facility.

Less water

Expect your pet to drink less water as raw diets contain higher moisture levels resulting in less need for rehydration. But always ensure your pet has fresh water available.


Transitioning to Raw

Transitioning to Raw: Feed one meal what you are currently feeding, one meal raw food, in which ever order you like. Example, breakfast their current diet, dinner their appropriate raw food portion, (see feeding chart for a portion guideline). Do this transition for 4 to 7 days or until your current feed is gone (or your pet loses interest in the old food!)


Do not cook

DO NOT COOK. Place the thawed food in your pets dish and serve. Do not leave the raw pet food lying open for more than 20 minutes in your pet’s dish. Always use proper hygiene when handling raw meat products. Wash your hands and dishes with got soapy water after feeding your pet.