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Discover RAW101, the heart of a vibrant pet-loving community. We're more than just organic raw pet food; we're a team dedicated to optimal health and well-being.

100% Natural & Delicious

No secrets.

Fresh, raw ingredients of national origin. No meat meal or by-products.

From Farm to Bowl Premium & Hormone Free.

Without complications.

Complete and balanced menus in comfortable portions. Recipes formulated by our nutritionist.



With our RAW101 method you can see improvements in a very short time.

RAW 101 Experiences

I have been a happy customer of Raw 101 for just over 6 months now. The product quality is AMAZING for the price of fresh raw dog food. I have really seen an improvement in my senior dogs mobility and general health. Both my huskies have the shiniest coats and I attribute that to the carefully curated blend that goes into their product.

Prior to my first purchase, the owner of Raw 101 spoke with my over the phone and answered all my questions regarding food allergies, meat source, etc. The staff at the Queen st. location are always happy & helpful.

Melissa Milligan

Raw 101 is the first raw food I could get my dog to eat, no joke.

Tried many brands, every try resulted in him pulling it out of his bowl and dropping it on the floor. Raw 101 for the win for this picky pooch.

Sharon Brown

I switched my dog’s diet to a raw food diet with Raw101’s help back in June & she now loves meal time.

I always learn something new when I go into the store & they make it so easy to pickup exactly what you need through their online form.

We went when they were opening up the location on Queen St. they even sent us home with a fun caricature

Rebecca Kalison