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Benefits of Raw Food Diet for your Pet

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Healthier skin

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Shinier coat

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Improved Oral Health

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Better Digestion

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Reduced Allergy Symptoms

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Less Water Consumption

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Better Weight Management

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Clearer Eyes

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Smaller Stools

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We have 20 carefully crafted blends for your pet to enjoy – check out our menus HERE

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Our Guarantee

All of our food is made in house by our team, so that we can guarantee the quality of the product that your pet is receiving. We have samples of our food available in the stores, both fresh and frozen, so bring your pet in to test taste our delicious fare!

Our Locations

We have two locations to serve you. Cobourg Ontario and Toronto Ontario.

Cobourg Raw 101


101 King Street West, Cobourg

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2186 Queen Street East, Toronto


We’ll be offering specials often. Check back here or sign up for our mailing list so you can find out about our specials right away in your inbox.

Featured products

Gus's Blends

Contains whole ground meat, beef organ, beef tripe, ground salmon.

Breeder's Blends

Contains ground beef with beef organ and beef tripe.

Complete Blends

Contains whole ground meat and organ, seasonal fruit and vegetable mix, whole ground egg, hemp oil or coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.