Pork Blend
Pork Blend

Pork Blend

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Pork meat is a highly digestable protein that is high linoleic acid, amino acids and a great source of omega-6, and omega-3's. Pork organ provide many vitamins and minerals. We use only Canadian Certified Hormone and chemical free pork.



Ground Canadian pork (boneless), pork organs (liver, heart, kidney), ground seasonal fruit and vegetables, whole ground egg, coconut oil or hemp oil, apple cider vinegar.

Boneless blends should be fed in a rotational diet.

Nutrient Analysis - Per 100g

Calories 215

Protein 16.9%

Fat 14.6%

Moisture 59.0%

Fibre 2.0%

Calcium 0.48%

Phosphorous 0.52%